From Customers

This is an excellent spot for traditional Indian cuisine near downtown Minneapolis. This Indian restaurant is a step above other great Indian restaurants because they have chosen to use organic and locally raised/produced foods. Bravo! Moreover, their Indian is the best in the area and they have a great wine selection. This place is worth the visit. Once you taste their deliciously amazing dumplings, you will crave them every day!
Erin C, Minneapolis MN

Gorkha is just what NE needed! I was happy to learn the neighborhood had a new addition that didn't involve another bar. This place was fantastic!

I ventured to Gorkha on a Friday might. Luckily we missed the dinner rush. It was great to see a new, local restaurant so busy!

The food was beyond flavorful. Our server was extremely helpful with her suggestions on what to order, spices within each dish, and levels of spice. The Yak momo's were a great starter. So tender and definitely enough for 2-3 people to share. Had the Tika Masala and the Biryani (chicken). The Biryani had cashews and raisins that complimented the spice of the dish. Wine and beer was availalbe as well and I must say, a great selection!

Helina Y, Minneapolis MN

I don't usually write reviews but the the dining experience I had last night merits a response. I had read about Gorkha Palace in yesterday's Taste section of the StarTribune so when a friend asked me to dinner I suggested we try it. I arrived a bit early and while I was waiting some kind soul brought me a pappaddum, a thin, crispy, savory lentil cracker. Wow! It was truly amazing and I had difficulty not devouring it before my dinner companion arrived. Luckily for us, as soon as she sat down she was presented with a pappaddum of her very own (I would have shared but it was SO good I really didn't want to). The vegetarian momos topped with tomato chutney were so delicious that conversation lulled while we savored each amazing bite. The shrimp curry was delightfully flavorful with an underlying smokey quality. Every morsel I put in my mouth brought my taste buds to new heights. The waitstaff were friendly and attentive and I would have to compare the service I received to that of a 5-star restaurant. The only thing missing for me last night was a glass of wine or beer but one of the waitstaff informed me that they're waiting on their liquor license and should have it in a couple of weeks. All in all the evening was amazing and I can't wait to return! I am also telling everyone I know about this little gem in NE Minneapolis! Sincerely,
Tina Love

I had the pleasure of a meal at Gorka Palace this evening and it far exceeded my expectations. I knew very little about the restaurant except that it was one my business-line on the way home from work served South Asian food (one of the few justifications I make for eating out). The atmosphere was comfortable and elegant. I was delighted to learn the business was committed to providing fresh, local food and promoting sustainable practices. (The bin designated for paper towel composting in the bathroom wins you bonus points!) I tried several dishes and each one was favorful and balanced. The bamboo shoots in the Aaloo Taama Bodi filled my mouth with joy in every bite. The Aaloo Achaar was spiced just right and the veggie momo we fresh and flavorful. The pappaddum was seriously the best I'd ever had and for me, the proof of a good restaurant is in the success of its "simplest" dishes. I can't wait to come again and explore the entrees. For me, eating is more than just feeling full and most restaurants serve up meals high in calories but with poor energy. Everything I ate not only tasted delicious but left me feeling elated and content. It really comes through that you are sincere in your approach to cooking and business. Good energy all around! Thanks for coming to Northeast!


Hi! I own a business in the neighborhood on the corner of 1st Ave and 5th St and we ordered a bunch of take out last weekend. I just wanted to email to say how delicious it was and how glad we are that you are our new neighbors! We will definitely be ordering a lot from you in the future. Keep up the great cooking!!!

Alyssa Fox
Fox Tax, LLC